Care updating pages

17-Sep-2017 17:08

You will also see that we have now developed a website that is packed full of useful health information that you may find useful when you are suffering from an illness.

If you are unwell in the evening, overnight, on a bank holiday or at the weekend and you are unable to wait to see your GP, please call the NHS Care Service on 111. Five doctors, two training doctors and a practice nurse are based at the surgery and care for the practice population of more than 7500 patients.

By practising your profession we mean that you have been drawing on your professional skills and or knowledge in the course of your work.The EAC Resident Consultation Service (RCS) is simple card game which informs managers and housing providers on how their residents value their home, the communal facilities, and the services they receive.Find out more A charity run site providing free advice on elderly care, including specialist directories & information on nursing homes and residential care homes, as well as sheltered housing, extra care housing and retirement villages, across the UK.Do the return to practice requirements apply to me?

The following is a summary of what the return to practice requirements mean for you. Minimum requirements Our requirements are minimum requirements in order to re-register with us.

Most Emergency problems can be very adequately managed by our practice and there should seldom be a need to go to A&E.